Broken Tile Demolition

Demolition Equipment Manufacturing

Interior demolition equipment can range from ride on floor scrapers to economical skid steer attachment floor scrapers to remove floor covering materials. Products removed are vinyl composite tile (VCT), vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), linoleum sheet goods, glued down carpet, permanently bonded wood floors, ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile; also removes residual thin set and adhesives. Electric floor scrapers are available for zero emission or occupied demolition areas. Outline Products is a major manufacturer of floor scraper blades. Sizes range in length from 4″ to 26″. Thicker heavy duty blades are also available at wholesale prices.

Other interior demolition equipment consist of scarifiers in skid steer attachment form that grind and mill concrete in forward and reverse drive modes to expedite removal schedules. The scarifier “floating” head does not have to be lifted from the substrate surface while following the contour of the floor. A horizontal carbide grinder levels concrete and reduces curled control joints with a 12″ cut path prior to surface coating. Both scarifing and horizontal carbide grinding can be performed wet or dry.

Exterior floor and concrete slab leveling and lowering is achieved with vertical drum milling attachments and cross grooving gang diamond blade saws also in skid steer attachment form. Highway line removal and road grooving for inlay line application equipment is built by Outline Products.

The goal of all demolition equipment built by Outline Products is to reduce labor while making economical long lasting machines and components that are safe to operate by most entry level employees. This reduces Workman’s Compensation cost and claims to allow demolition projects to be completed on time and below or on even budget. Our demolition equipment is assembled and tested at our Colorado facility with constant upgrades and improvements incorporated into each machine. With the strengthening of floor covering products and the improved surface preparation techniques. Outline Products is the leader in new innovations for interior demolition and floor covering removal equipment.

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