Broken Tile Demolition

Deckmaster 4400 Riding Floor Scraper

The propane powered self-propelled Deckmaster 4400 Riding Floor Scraper is a high-production floor-covering removal machine. The carbide ceramic tile scraper tips are long lasting and remove the most well-bonded quarry tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile and pavers. The Deckmaster 4400 Riding Floor Scrap is equipped with high-carbon scraper blades to remove vinyl floor tile (VCT), vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), epoxy, carpet, wood floor tile, as well as elastomeric membrane and waterproof membrane. Well-established in the vinyl asbestos tile removal industry and for interior demolition, the Deckmaster 4400 Riding Floor Scraper requires minimal workforce, virtually eliminating costly labor and workman’s compensation expenses.

With a removal rate of up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour, most mastic and adhesive removal is accomplished in a single pass. In creating 2,200 psi of downforce, the 4,000-lbs. Deckmaster 4400 Riding Floor Scraper increases removal rates by keeping the blade held under the floor covering. Self-dicing carpet blades cut relief strips to facilitate fast removal of bonded carpet. With lengths up to 26 inches the durable high-carbon scraper blades provide an economical advantage by holding an edge longer and are more resistant to breakage. Purchase replacement blades and replacement carbide ceramic tips at Outline Products for wholesale direct pricing. Specializing in bulk sales discount.

Standard Features:

  • Propane or electric powered
  • Removes vinyl floor tile (VCT), asbestos tile (VAT), epoxy, carpet, ceramic, and wood floor tile
  • Elastomeric and underlayment membrane interior/ exterior demolition
  • Hydrostatic “feathering speed control”
  • Operator-controlled hydraulic blade angle
  • High and low ground speed
  • Computer engineered for excellent balance and maximum performance
  • Elevator accessible with 1,500 lbs. of removable weights
  • Low center of gravity assists rapid removal of flooring covering
  • Low operating cost and maintenance schedule
  • Equipped with durable high-carbon scraper blades

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