Broken Tile Demolition

Highway Line Removal, Grinding and Grooving

The 3200 XLT Highway Line Remover and Concrete Grooving Attachment does minimal substrate damage to asphalt and concrete for economical highway line removal, grinding and grooving. The attachment also performs highway concrete milling and concrete surface preparation for the removal of thermoplastic line coating prior to new line installation. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutters remove highway road markings at 12” per pass, performed wet or dry with minimal surface damage. The operating cost of the 3200 XLT is up to 75 percent less than conventional removal. The host machine power plant is readily accessible for rent across the United States. Over ten thousand Toro Dingo track drive units are available for daily rental. This reduces highway line removal cost to pennies per linear foot. Also 100% removal of existing highway lines can be removed with a single pass. Follow up line grinding is eliminated. Road closure schedules are completed on time. Highway line grinding and grooving can be performed in inclement weather due to a sealed and self-contained system. Drum change-out from grinding to grooving can be performed on the jobsite in less than 5 minutes with standard tools. Bridge deck coatings are removed faster with smaller crews in single-lane areas, creating surface preparation for new overlays. Smaller crews reduce Workman’s Compensation cost, operating cost, with less downtime.

Highway Line Removal:

  • Up to 5 miles per day
  • Minimal road damage
  • Dry removal through vacuum port
  • Removes up to 12″ wide
  • Grind concrete and asphalt bridge approach
  • Road bump leveling and transition grinding

Highway Line Grooving:

  • Up to 3 miles per day
  • Cut widths up to 8″
  • Traction grooving
  • Create drainage grooving
  • Level uneven surfaces and curled joints
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