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Getting Started in Floor Removal and Surface Preparation

Outline Products manufactures floor preparation and floor covering removal scrapers, scarifiers, concrete milling and replacement scraper blades. Established in 1996 Outline Products has perfected the interior floor demolition industry and developed the floor removal attachment market.

Contractors use Outline equipment nationwide as they can ship attachments across the country and rent the skid steer power plant locally. Many owner/operators are one-man jobs with the local customer providing clean up. Outline Products attachments are compatible with most skid steer units, with the Toro Dingo favored as the most user-friendly for entry-level operators. Toro Dingo has over 10,000 rental units available across the United States, including units in Alaska and Hawaii. Also rental units are available in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Major carpet and tile supply warehouses are aware of many large flooring reinstallation jobs. Typically they need mechanical removal, especially if the existing floor covering is well-bonded. By informing a supply house general manager that you have removal equipment, you can be introduced to major installers of floor coverings who will have job projects.

Outline Products floor scrapers can remove an average of 2,000 sq. ft. of vinyl tile per hour. Typical removal rates are $.20 – $.30 per square foot without clean up. Owner/operators can average billing $400 – $600 per hour. Increasing the square-foot price for well-bonded floor covering i.e., ceramic tile wood floors will keep hourly rates consistent.

Yes, since you can rent the skid steer locally your capital investment is small enough for part-time start-up jobs to produce a customer base.

Outline Products has helped many contractors create a new business or increase profits to existing companies. We can produce a simple business plan tailored to your schedule including advice on websites, advertising and instruction on the equipment. Outline Products routinely receives inquiries from customers requesting removal contractors for hire. We pass these inquiries on to owners of our equipment.

Helpful Glossary of Terms

Below is a glossary of terms to help you identify your needs.


Mechanical removal of existing coating and preparation for recoating with minimal damage to existing substrate (Highway Grinding, Underlayment Removal).

Long-lasting carbide scraper blade for ceramic tile removal, a replaceable wear part on a bolt-on accessory to listed machines (Deckmaster 4400, 3500XLT Super Scraper, Deckmaster 2525E).

Self-dicing blades with right angle ends turn up to cut relief strips in glued down carpet (Floor Scraper Blade Sales).

Mechanical removal of existing carpet and adhesive using specified blades and machines for well bonded applications (Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E, Superscraper).

Mechanical removal of installed ceramic floor tile single or double layer, also removal of thinset to prepare for new installation (Deckmaster 4400, Superscraper).

Mechanical floor-covering or concrete removal, vertical gang blade attachment to skid steer for control depth of cut, up to 12″ wide (Concrete Cross Groover).

Mechanical highway line grooving prior to inlay striping or floor covering removal without damage to substrate prior to floor scraping of well bonded materials (Concrete Cross Groover).

Mechanical concrete removal for surface preparation of failed concrete cap prior to coating application, also removes raised areas or curled joints prior to finish diamond grinding. (MP 3300, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Coating removal or bare concrete treatment prior to new coating application to ensure positive bonding. (Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E, 3200 XLT Scarifier).

Used for coating removal or concrete preparation prior to coating; also highway line grooving. Designed for vertical or horizontal applications (Highway Grinding, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Mechanical removal of well-bonded rubberized coating by shearing or slicing prior to recoating. Using a horizontal plate grinder or flat blade scraper. (Deckmaster 4400, 3500 XLT Highway Grinding, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Mechanical floor coating removal where zero emissions is required for scraping using 220v single phase or 230-460v three-phase power. (Deckmaster2525E).
Epoxy coating removal: Mechanical removal of existing or failed epoxy coatings from floors, bridges and all horizontal applications from thin film to 2″ thickness (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400).

Mechanical removal of existing floor covering for replacement. Removes VCT, VAT, bonded carpet, epoxy, wood, ceramic tile, thin set, adhesives, elastomeric coatings. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Motorized machine to expedite removal of floor coverings configured in riding or walk-behind models, propane, electric or diesel. Also economical skid steer attachments available. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Replacement blades for the mechanical floor scrapers, that installs on the front edge for removal of VCT, carpet, ceramic tile, epoxy, wood floors, elastomeric (rubber) coatings, painted concrete (tennis courts), thinset and self-leveling underlayment. (Floor Blade Sales).

Mechanical removal of existing floor covering or adhesive using ride-on or walk-behind style scrapers, also available in attachment for skid steer machines. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Mechanical removal of existing vinyl tile (VCT), asbestos tile (VAT), ceramic, quarry tile, pavers, including thinset and adhesive for preparation of new floor tile or covering installations. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Mechanical removing of irregularities and transitional grinding from concrete to asphalt on highways and bridges (3200 XLT Highway Grinder, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Mechanical removal of highway striping with minimal damage to existing pavement using wet or dry applications up to 12″ cut width. (3200 XLT Highway Grinder, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Vertical gang grouping of diamond saw blades to create a groove as preparation for installation of inlayed highway lines (Concrete Groover).

Mechanical removal of painted lines or thermoplastic crosswalk markers using a “floating” head attachment to skid steer units producing minimal damage to existing pavement. Used to remove either small areas or multi-mile long projects. (3200 XLT Highway Line Remover, Concrete Groover).

Mechanical removal of existing floor covering for remodel and preparation for new floor covering. Units powered by propane engines or electric motors for low emission operation. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, 3200 XLT, Deckmaster 2525E).

Mechanical removal of bonding agent for asbestos tile (VAT) & vinyl tile (VCT). Also residual glue after bonded carpet removal. (Deckmaster 4400 Deckmaster 2525E).

Polycrystalline diamond (manmade) cutters for floor covering removal or concrete grinding. Fast acting, long lasting on floor grinders (Floor Blade Sales).

Machinery to remove well-adhered porcelain tile from floor surface using riding floor scraper or economical skid steer floor scraper attachment with long lasting carbide tip. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, MP 3300, MP 6600).

Machinery to remove well-adhered quarry tile from floor surface using riding floor scraper or economical skid steer floor scraper attachment with long lasting carbide tip. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, MP 3300, MP 6600).

Self-propelled 4,000-lbs. ride-on unit to remove all floor coverings. Hydraulically driven to remove up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour. Propane powered for safe efficient removal of floor coatings (Deckmaster 4400).

Propane or electric-powered scraper used to expedite floor covering removal. Uses ultra-sharp blades to peel up floor covering and coatings (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Horizontal rotating drum with flail cutting carbide wheels used to plane concrete surfaces and remove coatings to prepare concrete for new applications. (3200 XLT Scarifier).

For thicker floor covering removal: epoxy, thin set, ceramic tile, elastomeric coatings. Ridged blade less breakage, longer lasting sharp edge. (Floor Blade Sales).

Used to expedite floor covering removal. Scraper is propane or electric-powered, weighing up to 4,000 lbs. Sharp fixed blades peel up coatings up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Coupled to skid steer units, lower operating cost by renting power plant. Attachments available: (Superscraper, 3200 XLT, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Uses the power of a skid steer unit to remove floor covering by coupling the skid steer with a scraper head attachment using an ultra-sharp blade. Removes up to 3,000 sq. ft. of material per hour. Ease of clean up creates single operator projects. (Superscraper).

Used for epoxy removal & well bonded coatings, less breakage of blades, hold a sharp edge longer, sold in flat or self-dicing style. (Floor Blade Sales, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Mechanical removal of adhesive after ceramic, quarry, or porcelain tile is removed with floor scraper. Wet or dry application up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour, per machine with a single labor. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Mechanical floor scraper removal of vinyl, asbestos, ceramic, quarry, porcelain, and paver tile. Remove single or double layers of tile without the large labor force required by hand removal. Removes up to 30,000 sq. ft. per day. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Floor leveling underlayment removed with floor scraper or horizontal grinder. Remove up to 2″ thick of underlayment and prep floor for new surface coating application. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Asbestos tile removed mechanically, up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour, zero emissions units available for negative air applications. (Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Vinyl tile removed mechanically, up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour, single or double layer tiles removed, without reducing production schedule. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

Horizontal deck and floor-coating removal by floor scraper or horizontal PCD grinder, slices thru membrane without damage to substrate surface. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E, Elastomeric & Underlayment Removal).

Removal of glued-down wood floor with mechanical floor scraper in ride-on or skid steer attachment configuration. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 4400, Deckmaster 2525E).

The mandatory use of an electric floor scraper or electric forklift attachment; no fossil fuel-powered units allowed. Run with continuous operation on electric floor scraper, no batteries to be re-charged. Used in food service areas, hospitals, libraries and occupied office complexes. (Superscraper, Deckmaster 2525E).

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